November Girl: The Lost SHB Classic?

Today we will attempt to explain the history of the lost SHB track “November Girl”. A song that every true fan knows about, but has never heard. The song was written during the same flurry of activity that resulted in many Christopher House penned classics about Janine (and the mythical Kitchen Sessions). All signs point to the […]

Inside: City of Lights in the Dark

Again, congrats to the SHB for its recent #1 single, City of Lights in the Dark”. Here’s what I’ve learned about the band’s newest single. After a long hiatus (and Chris’s Peppy Flavors EP), the band inched back together to record Consider The Stars. In a recent email exchange with SHB’s drummer, I learned Steve F. was […]


What do you think of SHB’s funky new song “Psychosassic”? I personally dig it. Word on the street is that Christopher House wrote the lyrics and music after reading Douglas Adams’ book Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. I’m sure we can expect “Psychosassic” to make its live debut on the upcoming Capture the Flag tour!

“City of Lights…” Hits #1

SHB Is back with a vengeance! Their first single, “City of Lights In the Dark” from Consider the Stars has hit #1 on iTunes. I’m very excited for the band (and especially songwriter Steve F.). I just have one burning question. Where’s the 7″ single? vinyl baby… – Finger

REVIEW: Staton-House Band (The Green Album)

Happy New Year all…Again, thought it would be fun to share my original 2005 review (from my Evergreen State College school paper, The Cooper Point Journal) of the band’s self titled 2nd album (that we all affectionately call The Green Album). – Finger Following on the heels of their engaging debut album, Joy Motel, The Staton-House […]

Consider the Stars – Final Track Listing!

The Blue and the Black is pleased to exclusively announce the final track listing for the Staton-House Band’s 8th Studio album, Consider the Stars! City of Lights In the Dark Psychosassic Let Me Feel Your Pain Consider The Stars A Dream a Minute Losing Ground Capture the Flag Shelled Tesla’s Lovers Ivy Some great titles […]

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