Early Band Names

The Staton-House Band wasn’t always called the Staton-House Band. Here’s a recap:

After that fateful night, the world had a new band – the only problem was finding a name. Some of the ideas rejected that first night were Blown, Woodside Faith, Staggerpuppy. Their choice, and it was unanimous – Charles Axlerod.

“I always liked bands named after a person who isn’t actually in the band,” remembered Christopher House in a 2005 interview with Paul Zollo. “Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, even Belle and Sebastian. I liked the idea of people going, ‘Are you Charles?’ And we could say, ‘Charles didn’t make it, we’re filling in for him,’ or ‘Charles in the bathroom.’ Of course we weren’t prepared for the sheer density of questions about the name.”

Within a few weeks, the novelty had worn off. “I knew it was terrible name after about a day,” said Tom Staton in an early interview with the BBC’s Paul Gambaccini. “I was sick of being asked about Charles after two days. And by the third day, I wanted to kill him… and Charles Axlerod didn’t even exist.”

With Tom Staton and Christopher House as the driving force, it was clear that the Staton-House Band name was the right fit.

Mike Finger | The Blue and The Black © 2016