V & The Joy Motel


Thought I would share the story of Tom’s sister V in the band’s own words from a variety of sources: – Finger

Explains Rick Bayless: “We were all in love with Tommy’s sister – who went by the name of ‘V’. Not even Tom would tell us her real first name, or even if it started with a V. Turns out V had a little bit of a relationship going on with at least three members of all the bands who turned up for her surprise party.”

There is controversy over whether it was indeed a surprise party.

“She knew it was a surprise party,” said Steve F. “She told me that what she wanted was to break up the Grandaddies (Finger: Steve’s band prior to SHB) that night, because her brother needed a better drummer. So I guess the question is, did she seduce me to get me into the band too? There’s a song about it, and I’m not sure Tom and Christopher would want me to tell you which one.”

“Is it ‘Pretty Girl Needs Loud Shoes?’”
“Good guess,” smiles Steve.
(A photo of V’s shoes appears on the back of the first album, Joy Motel.)

“V knew everything about all of us,” Christopher told writer Charles R. Peer in the early unpublished manuscript for DISCIPLES OF OSIRIS – THE STORY OF THE STATON-HOUSE BAND. “V arranged the whole thing because she had a whole theory about bands and what made them great. She knew more about music than most of them – she should have been a historian for Mojo Magazine or something.

At 19, that girl knew more about King Crimson than Robert Fripp did. And, of course, she was hot.”

V – whose real name will not be revealed here – thought that the whole Boulder music scene was “too nice.” Steve F, again: “Somehow she knew that if Rick and I played together we would be at each other’s throats creatively. We’re different players. We’re different races. We have a universe of different beliefs. I think the only thing we had in common was – we loved Nile Rodgers. And of course, we were both sleeping with V.”

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