Inside: City of Lights in the Dark

Again, congrats to the SHB for its recent #1 single, City of Lights in the Dark”. Here’s what I’ve learned about the band’s newest single.

After a long hiatus (and Chris’s Peppy Flavors EP), the band inched back together to record Consider The Stars. In a recent email exchange with SHB’s drummer, I learned Steve F. was the first to bring in new ideas, a first. “I’ve always been a little shy about showing the band my songs. There’s even a joke about it on a drummer- joke website, I think it goes, ‘What’s the last thing a drummer says before being thrown out of a band?’ And the answer is ‘I wrote some new songs for us.’ But in fact, I think it turned out okay.”

Recently Tom Staton told writer Dave Marsh: “There’s usually a goat in the band, someone who is the target of all the practical jokes, or is the last to be invited to the party. I think in previous years, it’s been Rick or Steve that gets put into that role… maybe it’s me, and they haven’t told me yet! But when Steve came in with these songs, I felt like Freddie Mercury must have felt when John Deacon came in and played the demo of ‘Another One Bites The Dust.’ I heard ‘City of Lights in the Dark’ and got so excited, I just turned off all the lights and listened to it ten times in a row.”

They recorded the song later that night, in September of 2015. “I just felt like we had added another weapon,” said House. “I’m not the kind of band guy that always wants to write the songs. Sometimes I like being the one who comes in and suggests a line, or a sentence, or a beat. That’s all I did on ‘City of Lights.’ And it’s one of our very best, proof really that we are on the verge of our third wind.”

Pretty good stuff, right? more to come…  – Finger


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