Christopher House and Pip Gethers Part 2

Here’s my Part 2 look back on all things Christopher House and Pip Gethers. While Chris was now with Janine, his ugly chapter with Pip was from from over…- Finger


We move ahead two plus years to 2007. Pip, in a rush to make it to a Boulder Toys ‘R Us before closing time, ran a red-light and was clipped from behind by a hit-and-run
driver. The brunt of the impact was taken by the passenger in the back seat, Denny, who spent six days in the hospital before a collapsed lung ended her valiant struggle. Details have been stitched together from police accounts, but in all descriptions of the event, Pip became extremely violent with the officers and ran into traffic, screaming for someone to chase the hit-and-run driver. And, some say, Christopher never recovered.

“He hit a pretty good stretch of darkness,” is all friend and Road Manager Bill Hanson would say to David Zimmer in his 2014 essay for Esquire. Entitled, “The Last American Rock Band,” Zimmer dug deeply into the loss of Denny and the effect the incident had on what was once a storybook romance with Janine.

There was a lengthy 2008 court battle in which Pip Gethers-House was finally indicted for two counts of drunk driving, and involuntary manslaughter. It wasn’t the verdict that many had expected. Gethers-House served three months in jail, and was released. The driver of the second vehicle was never found.

Much of Christopher’s loss and pain can be heard and felt in 2009’s In the World.

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