November Girl: The Lost SHB Classic?


Today we will attempt to explain the history of the lost SHB track “November Girl”. A song that every true fan knows about, but has never heard.

The song was written during the same flurry of activity that resulted in many Christopher House penned classics about Janine (and the mythical Kitchen Sessions). All signs point to the song being recorded in late 2006 or early 2007.

This was supposed to be the first original song the band ever contributed for a film, the critically savaged Ed Burns-Chris Rock comedy, directed by Luke Greenfield, Firemen Need Love Too.

What we do know is that House had the song pulled from the soundtrack album, explaining later to Howard Stern: “It was probably a bad omen from the top, given that Tom’s grandparents had died in a fire. Plus, the song was different from the film, it didn’t fit with the movie.” Asked if he could explain what the differences were, House replied quickly. “Yes. The song was good, the movie was bad”.

What’s really bad is that the song has never seen the light of day. It’s never surfaced online in demo form, never been played live in concert. Nothing. Let’s hope if the band ever does a box set, they unearth this unheard tune.  – Finger

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