November Girl: The Lost SHB Classic?

Today we will attempt to explain the history of the lost SHB track “November Girl”. A song that every true fan knows about, but has never heard. The song was written during the same flurry of activity that resulted in many Christopher House penned classics about Janine (and the mythical Kitchen Sessions). All signs point to the […]

She Sells Seashores..: The Unreleased Documentary

Let’s take an in-depth look at the highly sought after (and unreleased) She Sells Seashores by the Seashell documentary. We all thought the doc was going swimmingly until Tom spoke at the premiere held at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival: “If you took all the reviews and all the critics in the world and […]

The Saga of The Disciple of Osiris Book

I previously mentioned the unpublished book DISCIPLES OF OSIRIS. The band invited writer Charles R. Peer into the earliest songwriting sessions for Joy Motel and even lived with the band during that time. But things went sour….fast. I asked Chris about this awhile ago (through email exchanges). CH: “We just didn’t anticipate that Charles, because […]

How Did the Staton-House Band Form?

From all known accounts, it began with a snowstorm. Highway 119 outside of Nederland, Colorado, to be exact. Tom Staton was a solo artist, another songwriter lugging his own equipment, on his way into Boulder for a show at the Nugget Saloon. Staton, feeling drowsy from the long and tortuous ride, pulled into the graveled […]

Touring Before Joy Motel

Here’s a piece I’ve created about SHB’s early days touring the bars in Colorado. – Finger In late 2003, the Staton-House Band tested their mettle by renting out a garage in the outskirts of Boulder, behind an Outback Steakhouse. They began to write songs, day and night. “I became a vegetarian that first week,” says Tom. […]

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